The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby This Big Read section provides a Great Gatsby introduction, historical background, author biography, other works, discussion questions, related resources, and a teacher's guide. The teacher's guide includes 10 lesson plans, 6 capstone projects, 5 essay topics and was developed with National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) Standards and State Language Arts Standards in mind. The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, designed to restore reading to the center of American culture.

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The Gift of Gatsby In this 1-hour New York Times lesson plan, students learn about the appeal of The Great Gatsby in the contemporary American high school English curriculum. They take a reading comprehension quiz based on the New York Times article they have read, discuss several key "Gatsby" themes today's students find relevant, and then write reflective pieces for homework. The lesson features a New York Times article and includes vocabulary and extension activities.

The Great Gatsby In this DiscoverySchool lesson unit students will learn about adapting part of a novel into a dramatic reading makes students more intimate with the author’s intentions and craft. They will also learn that a part of a novel may lend itself to various oral interpretations. includes procedures, discussion questions, extension activities, vocabulary with oral pronunciation, recommended resources, and more. It is appropriate for middle school and high school.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Home PageThis F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary website, launched in 1996, draws extensively on books, photographs, and related materials in the Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald at at the Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina. Among the highlights is Three recitations recorded by Fitzgerald in California, c. 1940, a series of essays available in PDF format, several stories by Fitzgerald , a brief film clip of Fitzgerald, and Fitzgerald quotes and facts. The University of South Carolina has designed a Fitzgerald site that can assist teachers and students as they investigate Fitzgerald. There is information on Fitzgerald’s novels, a biography, plus audio and video clips.

The “Secret Society” and FitzGerald's The Great Gatsby This National Endowment for the Humanities EDSitement lesson attempts to answer: What tensions about wealth and status are revealed in The Great Gatsby? How are these tensions reflected in Nick Carraway's struggle to belong? Students reflect on the class struggles of early twentieth century and write a "credo" for the "secret society" implied in The Great Gatsby. There are three suggested activities.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great American Dreamer A&E Classroom provides 20 definitions with oral pronunciations, 10 discussions, and 4 extended activities. Useful for classes on American History, Literature, Drama, and American Culture.

Jazz Age Culture A professor of English at Pittsburgh State University has produced several sites centering on the Jazz Age, the historical framework for The Great Gatsby. This link will take you to Part I of her "Jazz Age Culture" site, which offers many well-organized links on the following topics: Langston Hughes and other Harlem Renaissance writers, artists, musicians, and notables; F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and other modernist writers; Picasso, Dali, de Lempicka, Kandinsky, and other artists; resources on Prohibition, flappers, racial violence, sports, automobiles, aviators, art deco, movie stars, the Crash of '29, the scandals/trials of the decade, and the new technologies; and World War I Poetry.

Clash of Cultures in the 1910s and 1920s An informative site on cultural tensions in The Great Gatsby era, including information on prohibition, immigration, the KKK, the New Woman, and the Scopes Trial. Produced by the Ohio State University History Department.

Informal Writing: Journal Prompts Scroll down this page to find 9 journal writing prompts related to The Great Gatsby.

Great Gatsby Quotes AllGreatQuotes provides two pages of quotes from various Great Gatsby chapters.

Multigenre Prompts This MS-Word handout features 10 multigenre writing prompts related to The American Dream and Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby Setting Map Students form small groups of 2-3 and then using the descriptions in the novel, they design a map of the setting. Includes a checklist for assessment.

1920's Magazine Project This project, designed by High school teacher Jen Fraser, asks students to create a magazine in the style of the roaring 20s. The site comes with suggested resources and a grading rubric. Recommended for High School students.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald An e-text of The Great Gatsby licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, and to make derivative works under certain conditions.

An Index to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald An extensive index that follows the paperback edition of The Great Gatsby, New York: Collier/Macmillan, 1992.

The Roaring Twenties Game This Flash game from the McCord Museum of Canadian History in Montreal, Quebec, invites students to choose a role (male or female) and learn the ins and outs of the Twenties. Headsets recommended.